It’s been a long time, have a short story

Apologies. Many of them. I have been doing a History degree and it’s surprisingly time consuming. I’ve also been pitching a few projects and floating boats and being a writer person. I promised Tears In Rain 2 and I’m sorry but I don’t think I can deliver it. I’ve made a new vow that I won’t promise anything anymore, unless it’s already ‘done’. Like when they release a trailer for a film, when all the principal photography has been done. 

In the meantime I’ve been tackling plays and poaching articles and some experimental nonsense. In the meantime I’ve pitched a lot to some big people. In the meantime I might have solved the question of where exactly I go from here.

In the meantime of the meantime I’ve written a few things. Most of them dreadful, but all of it towards a purpose. I will be going to Nepal a month from now, for six weeks, to teach schoolkids and explore the lands and to go into a bit of an exile. There’s some mental baggage to sort through and some wrongs to right. I can do it.

In the meantime of the meantime of th- basically I have written one thing I will release. It’s Broadway & Beyond, it’s a short story chronicling Mark, from Trimalchio, two years after his play premieres. I am in a bit of a mingle as to whether or not I write a sequel to Trimalchio, as it was a very personal crusade, so as to put some demons to bed. 

I am still planning to write a book or two before the year is out, but studies and other constraints and moving house and walking my doge and going to another country and sorting myself out and writing a lot of stuff might mean I cut Blogossus short. It’s been a long time since the last post and once more I’m sorry for that. There is stuff coming. Some stuff. 

Speaking of Nepal, if you want to throw some money at the schools I’m teaching at then that would be lovely:

In the next few months I hope to write at least one big thing about:

  • Furnished Souls – an experimental novella thing I’ve tried to write for a few months
  • Train – planned as my first proper novel venture
  • Tears In Rain 2 – a slim sequel to my film theory book on Blade Runner
  • Trimalchio – the play, the theatrical version thing
  • Other Stuff – I have pitched some big things and I hope to be greenlit… it seems that I just might

Thank you for your patience. I will write again soon. Many thanks, lots of love and things.

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2013 & Beyond

Right. Hello. It’s been a long time, how have you been? Continue reading

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A goodbye of sorts

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Five Years

Where do I begin?

Over five years ago I began writing semi-professionally on the internet about ‘things’. My first bloggins was about some video-games or whatever and, well, it can be found probably somewhere out there. I prefer not to remind myself of the horrors of my 13 year old self’s grammar and spelling. Five years ago I began this stupid crusade to try and see if I could get some sort of career or some sort of something out of writing. After five years I haven’t earned one single penny from my writing and yet it’s been the most rewarding experience of my life.

I’ve worked for Platform Nation, The Gamer Studio, Screenjabber and (ongoing) ranging from films to video-games to whatever I wanted to talk about. In these five years I’ve met a lot of great people, tweeted and chatted with some other folks and generally found my place and little Blogossus niche. Over five years I’ve written countless articles, pieces and features and, well, it’s been quite a weird ride.

On top of my journalistic endeavors I’ve also written some books. I began with my Up, Down, Left, Right series, which will be brought to its conclusion next week, about video-game theory. On top of this I’ve written Tears In Rain, a gorram book about gorram Blade Runner, and Killer Looks, another film theory thing about American Psycho. I’ve also pushed out my first proper public novel Trimalchio too. On top of all of this I am still most proud of the fact that I offer all of these works for absolutely free. A lot of the materials and things I wanted to read were always behind paywalls and fees and, being quite a poor little boy, I wanted to set free absolutely everything that I had to say.

It’s been a weird, weird ride. For over five years I’ve found myself returning to the keyboard, returning back and back to the writing groove. I don’t think I’ll ever stop now but, for this moment, I’d like to say thanks. To everyone who has supported me or read my work or anyone who has ever inspired me and so on and so forth. I will carry on writing and I will carry on trying to entertain and inform you in all ways.



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In which I fail

After Killer Looks I had to take a good look at what I’d done. I’d cut a lot out, a lot of it was just poor, and I’d ended up with a healthy sixty page salute to American Psycho. I’m happy with what I did with Killer Looks, but realize it could be beefier. This is when I realized my ‘write four books in four months’ Summer mantra wasn’t going to pay off.

With creative difficulties and timing issues, I’ve decided to cancel work on my novel Train until next year or so. Or maybe never, I don’t know. Tears In Rain 2 will still happen for September-ish, and Up, Down, Left, Right will reach its finale come August 3rd.

I’m sorry. My life’s about to get a lot busier so these inconsistent updates might become a ‘feature’ of Blogossus. After Tears 2 it’ll be full frontal fiction for Blogossus. Pretty much.

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KILLER LOOKS – My free film criticism eBook on American Psycho

Killer Looks Cover Continue reading

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Gunpoint Review

gp1Blimey. Continue reading

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