A videogame’s story shouldn’t put it down

I was watching the video review from IGN of Just Cause 2. The demo of which I had many of wondrous wonders with, but can’t afford the actual game. They said it’s a must buy, there’s a few technical issues and it suffers from something that I think is an absolute insult to the developers. Just Cause 2 was marked down for its story, for which it got a 6.5, so it made the final score an 8.8.

I’m not saying developers should just run away with excuses like “We didn’t even attempt a story, LOL.”, but goddamn I don’t think Just Cause 2 of all the titles in the world deserves to be even graded on its story. I feel that the best part of any game is the pacing, if the story is good and has good pacing then it’ll inch its way up to near perfection. If it is just that and not good gameplay, then it’s going to lose a whole lot of pointers. Videogames to me are always about progression, expansion, empowerment and then putting you to the test; maybe even stripping you of your abilities (i.e MGS4 radiation corridor near the end of the game), Just Cause 2 is none of this. It’s not a smart game, it doesn’t attempt its story, I hope to do the cutscenes are skippable (no need to embarrass yourselves, Avalanche Studios).

What I’m saying is: if a game clearly doesn’t even bother with a story or any of the new ‘necessities’ that videogames now have to HAVE (yay pressure!) then I say just mark it on the videogame part. Just Cause 2 would have been around a 9/10 game from IGN without them marking it down.

I’m happy it’s got such a high review though.

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