Hiatus (Burgerled)

Well I came home from a light Birthday dinner for my step-grandfather to a wrecked home. I stay at my stepdad’s at the weekend, and I took my 360 HDD, iPod touch and (more importantly) my laptop. They’ve completely trashed the place in the two hours we’ve gone, taken everything, no prints or leads or anything.


So that means I’ll be gone for a while. Maybe forever. Fuck writing, didn’t help me did it.

I’m at my real home now, where my actual PS3 and 360 are. All my games are here too, I’m sort of glad they didn’t bust into my actual home.

They took four laptops, two teles, probably a billion iPods, I could go on. All family photos on them lost forever. I took some photos on my mother’s phone so I might upload them later.

I’ll see you when I see you.

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