Why I hate macs

Oh my! Nathan Hardisty discovered the old Mac vs. PC debate!

Well I thought to blog all of this because a certain JOSEPH BYRNE brought up the iPad (the perfect eReader) and then we went on to the whole Mac debacle. When someone starts talking about how amazing a Mac is, I’m quick to shout fanboy, but I have my own personal reasons to hate Macs. I lived with one for other six months and being a full time writer with the thing just didn’t help. It came down to personal preference really, and I never really got how you’d shell out for an extra £400 for a Mac or whatever (don’t  go into the ‘it’s not that expensive’ thing).

It was explained to me by Mr. Byrne that the iMac is a creative powerhouse, something which I should take full advantage of. Riddle me this; why am I still on a PC? If I had seen the change then I’d obviously switch.

Apple products are meant for Apple people, I’m not one of them. Their products are useless to me but probably a lifesaver in somebody else’s hands.

I think Mac vs PC only really comes down to personal preference anyway.

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