Calling all girl gamers

Howdy, all you fine wimens and peeps. I’m currently working on another essay titled ‘A Salute to Girl Gamers’ about the perception of women gamers, how we can improve accessibility to this gender and probably a whole other slew of compliments of the opposite sex. So, naturally, I’ll be my real life self and be all kind and gentle and you’ll want to marry me.

I kid.

Anyway, it’s a little bit of an obscure little thing I’m putting together over the next few weeks. I’ve watched Daniel Floyd’s lecture on Women In Games around three times again, read lots of Leigh Alexander’s stuff and just generally googled “Girl Gamers” five times over. But, I want to speak directly to you little button nosed others. Since I’m a man whose women friends don’t game, it’s hard for me to get personal and direct.

So I’d like your help on this one. A few questions maybe.

Do you think the games industry is male dominated?

Are all video-game journalism adventures (such as the ones I write) geared towards the male demographic?

Do you feel that games exploit the female figure instead of empowering it?

Will you make me a sandwich? (You don’t have to answer this one)

I’d like as many words as possible please, although it might be too much for your little minds (sexism is funny!). I seriously kid though, I’m not going to be all sarcastic and make fun of you in my essay, I’ll generally be writing a love letter to every girl gamer ever. Including, possibly, your grandmother.

Now that does give me the chills.

If you want to help out then email a response to each of the above four questions to

I look forward to reading your responses.

And the sammiches.

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