So, busy busy busy. I am planning something insane while dodging three-hundred angry twelve year olds oh and I just so happen to have a giant cake in my possession. It’s for a birthday party for a small child. But it’s a small child right? They won’t be emotionally traumatized when I come into the room with icing frothing at my mouth? Hell I might just gobble it all right now, and then throw the plate at a dog or something. Dogs don’t have feelings.

Two giant essays on the way. One will be out at the end of the month entitled “Story Doesn’t Matter.”, it’s not what you think, honest. Another one will be in early September, and tis the one I’ve been working on for a whole year now. I feel it’s all going to pay off. I hope so anyway.

Speaking of paying off; the piece I wrote for Killscreen magazine is possibly appearing in August/September. I’ll post a link to where you can exchange your hard-earned cash for hard-shot journalism. Jourmalismz. JORMISLMZ. I don’t even call myself a journalist, as I’m writing about videogames at the end of the day, just a gamez writer. Not even that. I just so happen to both play games and be an able writer. Pretty much child’s play, and some people earn a living from it. No offence to those who actually do earn a living, I don’t yet, and probably never will.

I’ve been working on several concepts of giant fiction that I’ll pan out, and generally, they’re not going to appear for a long while.

Maybe writing a piece for a giant online gaming site, at somepoint, after I return from my Permanent Death Runthrough of Far Cry 2.


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