Incoming editorials


Summer is incoming, very fast for me, so that means more time to work on “THE INSAAAANE PROJECT” I’ve been working on. That also means more games I can backtrack to, more stuff I can write and more stuff you can read. So, I’m going to appear smug and label this “The Summer of Hardisty.” BECAUSE I’M SUCH A GOOD RITER.

  • 26th July Limbo Has Guts – examining the gutsy gruesomeness of Limbo, delving into the striking element of having the player character to be a small boy.
  • 27th July Limbo Proves Me Right – I’m going to make a statement about games journalism, and the game ‘Limbo’ is going to prove me right.
  • 30th July Story Doesn’t Matter – Not spoiling this one.
  • 13th August Point of Burnout – Not the arcade racer. I shall examine the point of ‘burnout’ and why games such as Limbo are better in their 4 hours than a RPG of 80 hour length.
  • 27th August Love – Examining the idea that you can fall in love with an NPC
  • 3rd September The Big Problem – An essay I’ve been working a full year on. I hope you like it.

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