I Can’t Have An Opinion

Comment on a certain article of mine

So you’re saying the game sucks because in your own opinion the game doesn’t appeal to YOU.

Today’s journalism is garbaje if it’s not MW2 the game sucks. Seriously if you’re getting payed to write this garbaje then im more then overwhelmed how stupid fanboys get to write on the internet.

PS On topic the game is clearly active, instead of writing garbaje go play MW2 cuz it seems you suck at KZ2.

Another comment:

Why do you lie? Tons of people play this daily and have been. Just because you don’t play this game doesn’t mean no one is playing it. May not have the same players as mw2 but it does have a loyal fan base with plenty of players to play even at late night and early mornings. Fucking liar.

Jim Sterling is right.

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