Two books in progress


I’m working on two books, with words and all that.

  1. Fiction – Yeah, I’m trying my hand at fiction again. It’s been months since I wrote any fiction at all, it feels old to me, it’s hard getting back into the grove and perhaps this might help. I’ve had this idea for a few months now and I’m going to develop it and something something.
  2. Videogames! – Non-fiction, maybe? It’s a book introducing people to the concept of games as ‘something more’. It features smart quotes and it’s perhaps something I want to do next year as well. We’ll see.

I’ll make the fiction book available to buy (at the cheapest price) at, as both an eBook and a proper bound hardcover. The Videogames will be available privately, to me, as a hardcover proper proper book. Since I mention all sorts of copyrights, it’s going to be impossible to sell it so I will offer it as a free eBook. A free proper big book about videogames, free for all to read.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update.

Blah blah.

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