Going great, got ideas all sketched out in my head. It’s gonna be good I think.

Killscreen Magazine

My piece will be published in Issue 2, so that’s good, also published before my 16th birthday. Published writer before 16 years old – lifedream of mine. MANTEARS. Anyway, s’all good, I’ll put a link to where you can buy it and lick my page.

Stuff I seen’d

(Short reviews)

Penny Arcade Series – Absolutely astonishing, breathaking and raw in its emotional power. It’s one of the most inspiring things you will ever watch. Free, online and you can watch it right here 10/10

Sherlock – Great acting, great characters, great story arc, great cinematography, not so good plot 9/10

The Pursuit of Happiness – Better than I expected. Will Smith being Will Smith, fantastic ‘feel good’ moment near the end. Worth it. 7/10

Inception – BRRRRRR 10/10

Toy Story 3 – Man tears 10/10

Hire me

I’m looking to branch out from Platform Nation, not leaving, want to get my foot in some new dirt. Email me nathan.hardisty@platformnation.com if you like me. I can do one-off pieces or work weekly as an editorial guy.

Eurogamer Expo

I’m looking into going to the Eurogamer Expo this year, as media/press, don’t know yet. Will get details later.


It’s my summer holidays so I’ve spent it just going out to friends houses, playing backlog of games, writing obviously and generally being me. Summers is good. I get my GCSE results on the 24th, will post them here for you all to laugh at.


Have been playing God of War trilogy. Finished God of War I, hated it until near the end when it got so damn awesome. Near the end of God of War II which is much better aside from a few frustrating moments. Going into III soon after.

I’m going to be reviewing Kane and Lynch 2 I think, getting Spider-man Shattered Dimensions and R.U.S.E next month. The former I hope will ‘pull an Arkham’, the latter I’m buying for the PS3 and I need people to play it with. Add me on the PSN – GIVEMEURBANANAHS


Game Writings

Essays are going well, essay out on Friday that has charts. Yeah, good charts though. Less ambitious of an essay, more of a game design critque

I think that’s all.

Thanks for reading I guess.

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