War is not a game.

I was happily browsing the internet for material for my book for I’m working on. One that I’ll be writing next year, on the subject of just core storytelling. Games, films and what-not and how they go about it. Less about practicality more about technicality. I was browsing a few games sites to get suggestions for some games to play, aside from the obvious ones, when I happened upon this video…

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m just going to deduct this word for word, because this is horrendous. This is what Jim Strerling and Hamza have been talking about; Medal of Honor is going to get a shit-ton of controversy. It’s got the balls to go where no game has before. It wants to tell an authentic experience and put the player deep into the action of Afghanistan. Yes, go ahead Medal of Honor, go venture into the promised land! People are going to feel uncomfortable playing as the Taliban, but you did have the balls to do such a thing, it certainly does show gaming as serious entertainment!

Oh wait, you’re hiding behind the same exact phrase again

“It’s just a game.”

Over the past decades, we’ve practically changed the idea of what is/isn’t a ‘game’. In ten years, that’s all going to change. We’ve made high art exhibits, giant testosterone needles and games in which you play a plumber who wants his pipes cleaned by a peachy princess. We are serious entertainment, we are not toys.

So until the toymakers stop hiding behind the same point of cover, we’re going to be seen that way. On the Mass Effect buttsex controversy thing, Geoff Keighley defended games as a serious form of entertainment (quite futile against the enraged ignorant, but he damn well made his point clear). So why is it so hard to just say “Look, we wanted to tell an authentic experience. If you feel uncomfortable with playing as the Taliban then we gladly understand.”

Anyway, let’s start to pull a Sherlock and deduct everything that this woman is saying. Hypocritical and poorly argued… but it’s from a mother who has a Son in war so everything is fine!

Good Morning

Report shown in the afternoon, possibly pre-recorded.

Well, war is not a game.

I agree. Do you think that all we do in games is shoot people? Do you think that’s all we’ll be doing in Medal of Honor? By the looks of things, not just the gameplay looks varied, but the experience they’ve wanted to tell. Authentic and all that good jazz.


Nice to know.

And the fact they’ve already done games about World War II, that’s far removed from our current history and people aren’t dying.

Okay, you hypocrite. You’d quite happily let us go make games about World War II (specifically, games in which I shoot people) because we’re only disrespecting the dead. But if we disrespect the dying then that’s just out of order!

That’s far removed, the families urr urr and it’s not based on real people.

They’re not real people, they are completely fictitious. But the guns, the sounds, the enemy behaviour, the battles themselves are all 100% factual.

Right now we’re going into a really really bad time in Afghanistan, we’ve just come off of the worst month of causalities in the whole war and this game is just going to be released in October so families who are burying their children are going to be seeing this and playing this game, I just don’t see that a videogame based on a current war makes any sense at all. It’s just disrespectful.

This grinds my gears, this is what makes me actually feel anger. The ignorant conservative forcefed little tidbits of both sympathy and ignorance in general. You are a mother of a Son who is in the war, and you are against a game that wants to tell a realistic experience. You are completely against any form of interactive education about this war, perhaps even the strongest form of education, because it’s a game.

It is not disrespectful, it is only that when it is done in bad taste. Medal of Honor wishes to put players deep into the psyche of a soldier and teach them a lesson about it. Games like Modern Warfare 2, set in fictional places and wars, don’t need to teach. In some fact, they don’t show the horror of war. From what I’ve seen of Medal of Honorit’s doing what Six Days in Fallujah looked to do – tell an authentic experience about the war to a young adult market to educate them about the current war. In fact, both games had the backing of the military. Tier 1 operators are 100% behind EA and a group of US soldiers actually sought to make a videogame about the war, to which they turned to Atomic Games to do Six Days.

Doesn’t that sound worthy? Doesn’t that sound like the best thing you can do? Prepare and educate young adults about war through videogames, let them decide for themselves.

The response by EA is semi-redunkulous, just look at it.

She responds like this:

It’s a bit unrealistic to compare cops and robbers to the Taliban soldiers.

I agree, EA shouldn’t hide behind the “someone’s gotta be the bad guys” phrase either.

It’s just not based on reality.

Shut the fuck up.

The host asks “most guyz are big adults, can’t they choose what entertainment blah blah lol they already watch wrestling”

Well in pro-wrestling, nobody dies hopefully….


And to the videogame industry, Sony tried to release a game called Shock and Awe and last year Atomic Games tried to release a game and these were all based on the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you don’t want to play it blah blah my son didn’t get to play it, there’s 12,000 families hurt by these wars and it’s not just a game and I don’t think they shouldn’t be putting this reality and EA is very cavalier about it “It’s just a game.” well it isn’t just a game to the people suffering the loss of their children of loved ones.

Is it futile? Am I being a giant asshole? I’m not going to get anywhere. We’re not going to get anywhere, with a bunch of cowards being executives and playing it safe. They say all controversy is good controversy, why not harness this as an oppurtunity to show the masses that we mean business.

War is not a game, it’s an experience. It’s something that should be told with authenticity and full immersion, to let players fully comprehend what it is like to be in a war. We’re getting there, we’re going to do it someday, don’t try and stop us. You’ll only be hurting yourself and your children, to understand what war is about.

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