We’re having a jolly good ‘Batweek’ over at Platform Nation so I thought to post my favourite Batman experiences. This doesn’t include the comic books, I might do that some day though.

1. Batman (original Tim Burton) – after multiple viewings it’s become apparent that the Burton aesthetic fits Batman like a rubber glove, oh and Keaton is the best live-action Batman of all time.

2. Arkham Asylum – Yes, the game. It did the perfect job of putting you in the character and it did all sorts of great good stuffs. The only problem I have is the ending which in uncharacteristic and very lame indeed.

3. The Dark Knight – One of Nolan’s finest outings and although Ledger did perhaps overact in some scenes, he’s the finest live-action joker. No doubt about it, one of the scariest villains of all time.

4. Batman Subzero – A heartwarming tale of redemption, love and emotional distress. It’s an animated feature, but it doesn’t mean it can’t go into mature territory. It is beautiful and a must-watch for any Bat-fan

5. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – Another animated features that delves into the psyche of Bruce Wayne rather than a villain or Batman himself. It’s all very, very well written and a must-watch as well.

6. Batman Returns – I thought it was too gothic, too dark and very grotesque. Of course, it’s Burton but I expected a sequel and not a… it felt like a middle child for me and the plot went in circles. Still enjoyable I guess.

7. Schumacher Films – I prefer Batman Forever, even if it has Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey, but obviously Batman and Robin is the worst film ever made. Not the worst I’ve seen, but just… wow.

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