Out this year that I really want and something something 2010 ain’t so good


My six most ANTICAPTED gaimes of 2010!111

6. Medal of Honor

Well, lad, I’m not picking this up for the controversy but because they finally cracked me. After two years of disjointness with first-person shooter online multiplayer, I cracked after the beta. From what I’ve read and seen, Danger Close (the devs behind it) look to be doing a damn fine job at bringing a true modern warfare experience. The Limited Edition of the game, at no extra cost, includes Medal of Honor Frontlines which is a BEAST MATE!

5. New Vegas

Fallout 3 didn’t tick all the boxes for me, I pretty much had a re-birth into the world of Oblivion, so this effort looks more pleasing. The depth of the game and the character of the environment have me all tingly with joy. I’m pretty certain they’re not applying Karma to a metric this time around, which is a huge step for a mainstream title, and they’re using factions instead of shallow ‘good/evil’. So if I shoot an elf, all the elves will hate me but Santa Clause will love me.

4. Black Ops

The Call of Duty machine is well oiled and well-managed, except from the giant spill they did last year (not the BP one, derp) with Modern Warfare 2. All the videos I’ve seen point to Treyarch embedding one word throughout the multiplayer: balance. It’s what made Call of Duty 4 a freakin’ masterpiece and it’s certainly tickling my fancy. My only concern is with the player identity in the single-player but who plays that anymore?

3. Screed Brohood

I really enjoyed Screed II and liked how the conspiracy felt like something that a madman would think up, or in other words, a modern day conspiracy theorist. I look forward to another adventure with Ezio, he is a likeable character, that and I wanna kill some doods old style yo. With it being set in the luscious Rome (a place I want to go to so badly) it’s pretty much the perfect package. Right now I don’t give a damn about multiplayer but I hear it’s fun. Good-o.

2. Littlebigplanet 2

I am in the BETA and I am not allowed to say anything. NOT ONE WORD. Snape kills Dumbledore, there you have it! In all fairness, this game has me near-wet with excitement and I just want to cuddly wuddly sackboy. I think the first game embodied creativity with limits and the sequel wants to expand on that by saying “Go nuts!” I would make a complex level and all sorts of nice ickle stuffy wuffy but I’m about as patient as a horse on death row.

1. Super Meat Boy.

I’m an indie game kid through and through and this game has my saliva at the precipice of my mouthhole. I’m getting the t-shirt, stickers and everything for this game because it’s so indie. You can play as Tim from Braid and that chap from Bit.Trip, it’s so indie that it deserves to do well. This is a contender for my Game of the Year already and… wait you’ve never heard of it. You’re a big bastard, here’s something to get you as wet as me.

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