Life and comin’ up!

Not bad.

I don’t often talk about my personal situation not because I don’t want to sound emo but because it’s just boring. I have a nap every schoolday for crying out loud. Deal with it! I have a lot of exams to retake – All of my Physics exams and my English to bump it up from an A to A* (not worried at all). Might not be re-entered into Maths because I already got a C grade (which is amazing for me since I’m borderline discalculas.

I am leaving Platform Nation next week, which is gonna be very very sad. For my last article on the site, I’ve decided to push all of my years length research on the topic of videogame vi… that would be telling 😉

Game Critique Corner will be every week, I’m thinking either Halo Reach or Fallout New Vegas (two parter probably) as specific choices. Another one on the cards is Dead Rising 2 although the topic connected is very loose.


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