Some guy constructively criticised me.


In all honesty though, no-one has ever peeled away my arguments or bothered to do anything other than call me gay or king of the world. I’m fine with both because I have no faith in humanity and I like to boost my ego every now and then. Having someone say to me in a big giant post, with all of my points in bold italics, that I’m in the wrong is certainly something new to me. In fact, it’s kind of hard to retaliate given the fact that I’ve… actually left Platform Nation. There’s no longer that implicit relationship that was easily seen on the sigh. Given this, many of people will simply think that that’s that (not a lot of people know I’ve left).

The last time this happened, my words were interpreted incorrectly and we both ended up agreeing to disagree. We’re all mature adults in the end and the worst that would ever happen to a guy like me is being associated with putting “Halo Sucks” on and then bitching about it. If you’re gonna bitch about me in a giant rebuttal, instead of taking away my argument like Stewie did, and people applaud you for it; you don’t deserve to live. I might be over-exaggerating but my argument or the progressive discussion of the evolution of video-games as a medium needs people. If you’re gonna jump around the monkey cage with everyone else, fine by me.

I’ll write a counter-point to the counter-point at the weekend.

I’m supposedly having a three week break from writing/researching essays and general big wordy wordy pieces but a few things have come up.

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