Game design corner?

Game critique corner is going very well and I have not received a negative comment, ever. It combines my criticism of certain games with my essay thinking, resulting in something that has the same purpose as a review (inform, entertain and insight); but is more interesting. I disagree with putting metrics on video-games, usually, although I’m the biggest hypocrite in existence… no I’m not. No wait, does that make me a hypocrite because I said I’m not a hypocrite? But I said I’m not a hypocrite? Chicken or the egg? Evolutionary biology joke aside, I’ve been thinking that “Game critique corner” works so well it needs to be expanded.

It focuses on a specific game, a ‘critique’ of that. It is hence why I always do “X game: X topic/line”, giving a basic outline of what to expect from the article. Unfortunately a lot of people are idiots and as such won’t read something that I label “The Big Problem” or something outside of “X game”; hits be hits.

Thusly, game design corner is perhaps born. I’m working out the kins but it leans more towards the essayist part of my articles rather than the specific critique of said game. I may use more recent examples, maybe even focusing on one game and blowing it all out on to a big design essay or something. They’ll probably be of the same length.

Possible topics:

  • The Middle Man – Game narrative, player identity and avatar connection. Three types of dialogue.
  • ‘First-person’ shooter – Analysing perspective in video-games
  • Choice and voice – Interactivity and its limitations
  • Bravery and fortitude – Expanding the idea of ‘innovative’ into further territory of ‘risks’.
  • Sleeping with Michael Bay – Pacing both story progression and gameplay progression
  • ‘Story’ – Labelling a game’s expressive content, how it gets across its message, as ‘story’ is insulting (maybe more about how game journalists aren’t alike professional film critics – who use ‘characters, plot, themes’.
  • Augmented reality – The controller is the future, right?
  • Bigger and better – Empowerment and its complex relationship with other media

There’s a few definite topics that I want to cover; some games I’m thinking of link directly to more than one topic. Who knows, I might just use three recent examples in the ‘corner’, and list them at the top of the article. I might start doing ‘Game design corner: X topic’ and ‘Game critique corner – X game: X topic’. I would use ‘GDC’ but that’s for both of them and confusing.

Maybe one shall be out next week, with the slew of games coming out such as Black Ops and other big giant titles in the future. I may start doing more ‘preview’ insights. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and Dead Space 2 may be in my firing range.

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