To clarify

  • Killscreen Magazine – My piece will be appearing in the online version, released before the end of the year (I think). I’ll link it here so you can all see how amazing I am.
  • Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume 2 will focus on storytelling, the social demographics, the evolution of culture, the SCOTUS case and many other things. I’m putting together the research now but god knows when it will be out.
  • Game design corner/game critique corner – I’ve decided that ‘game design corner’ needs a damn lot of time and work and my time and work goes into my schoolwork and social life (haha) so now I may just do design corner fortnightly. Critique corner is easy beans though.
  • Game of the year – Decided it this weekend after going through everything I’ve played this year, pretty set on what it is and all I can say is that it isn’t on my contenders list.
  • End of year awards – Most important game of the year, best design of the year, ‘Flawless Victory’, game of the year, worst game this year, soundtrack of the year, honourable mentions.
  • What I’m playing – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Prince of Persia HD Trilogy, VVVVVV, World of Goo, Minecraft, New Vegas
  • What I want to do before the year ends – Replay Bioshock and finish Braid.

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