End of the year awards 2010 schedule

That’s the full list of awards I will be giving, click below for when they will be revealed.


  • Game of the year – 6th December


This is different from the others because ‘flawless victory’ is about general quality, ‘important’ is the biggest milestone of the year in times of advancement but ‘game of the year’ is the game I will remember.



  • Soundtrack (OST) of the year – 10th December


I think everyone already should know what I’m going to pick for this.



  • Flawless Victory – 13th December


Biggest quality showing of the year.



  • Most important game – 17th December


The game which held the most relevance to the continuing uprising of video-game culture and artistic expansion.



  • Best design – 20th December


Just in general which game we can learn from to command the future in terms of general  design.



  • Worst game – 24th December


Self explanatory.



  • Honourable mentions – 27th December


Games which I wanted to mention or came second place.

If you guess all of the above correctly then you will win a cookie and a sneak peak at a special secret project I’m working on with some friends.

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