Up, Down, Left, Right Volume Two Preview

You all fine chaps enjoyed the first edition of  ‘Up, Down, Left, Right’ so much that it was obvious a second volume was on the way. I talked of it, but I wasn’t sure so many people would actually read it, it was a gamble. Then again I have no life and it was perfectly fine for a teenager like me to write a book that was basically a collection of essays based around the evolution of an entire sub-culture based around interactive entertainment. Well, ideas are happening and things are coming to light, there will be a volume two but it won’t be out this year. Click below for more

The first cover was a NES so the logical step is either SNES or Game Boy on the front cover. I’m talking about these trivial of things because I want to focus on the actual content in my headbox instead of putting out there.

Volume One was an introduction to Video-games as ‘something more’, it’s quite hard to say what the next steps are because I could go anywhere from here. I could discuss algebraic design, interactive storytelling’s limitations, the comparisons to film and so on and so forth. It’s a logical step then to say that Volume Two will be “And now for something completely different.” I’ve decided instead of running around like a headless chicken when it comes to structuring this series, to actually perhaps lay out a plan.

  • Volume One – An introduction to video-games as something more as entertainment, the opposition against such statements, how far we’ve come and why on Earth we need to be respected. Released August 2010.
  • Volume Two – And now for something completely different, the limitations of interactive storytelling, how to adapt a story to an interactive context, the middle man in video-game narrative, respecting the current history and why it’s hard to make a literary classic. Released July 2011
  • Interlude – I’m working on something insanely massive to release in August 2011… it’s different to say the least.
  • Volume Three – What went wrong? End of 2011
  • Volume Four – The rise of the indies July 2012
  • Interlude – Probably fiction August 2012
  • Volume Five – Making grown men cry August 2012
  • Volume Six – Community, power and complexion December 2012
  • Volume Seven – The end 2013

I’m still undecided on everything after Volume Two, perhaps I’ve given too rough of an outline of what to expect in the next few years from my hivemind. I want Up, Down, Left, Right to be my teenage legacy, something I can look back on in pride. I’m looking forward to writing Volume Two and everything else in the new year.

Love you all.

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