Who I’m writing for…

A lot of damn speculation has appeared in the last few weeks in my emails and tweets I get sent. No, it’s not Destructoid (although I do rub elbows with those fine guys), and no it’s not IGN (wouldn’t dare, mate). A lot of you are saying that I’ve moved on to print, thanks to Killscreen Magazine, but that’s a no either. In fact, you could say I’ve both gone down a step and moved up in the world at the exact same time. My experience with Platform Nation has prepared me to work not just for one site, but two sites.

They are

The Gamer Studio

I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of them, they’re both relatively new and unknown. So what drew me to them? Why would I go from a giant 200,000+ unique hits a month to a new site. It’s because I think they’re the reincarnation of Platform Nation philosophy, and their mission statement is to strive for the most professional and high quality journalism on the market. It was irresistible for me then, and the prospect of helping a site like this find its feet could lead to bigger endeavours. I chose to write an entirely new column for the site, entitled ‘The Workshop’, similar to game design corner but now focusing on one title for an entire month of weekly articles. I’m starting with Grand Theft Auto IV which I’ll probably never bury in my lifetime, you can read Part One here, and it’s certainly going to be another home for my essayist material. I’ll post here every week whenever a new part crops up, and I look forward to interacting with a whole new audience.



Probably the most honest film review site on the internet. Yes, film. I caught wind of them expanding into video-game territory from a ye olde friend of mine who writes for them. I cannot miss out on such an opportunity to perhaps expand my wordy words into film journalism as well, I know some people are aching to see me apply my essayist material to films and I can definitely bring my A-game here.  I’m toying with the idea to bring game design corner there weekly exclusively, but post them here a week after they’ve come out to keep y’all happy. May have to make a “This Week In Hardisty” thing to keep y’all in the loop. My first article is up, a review of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Check it out, blatez.

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