Flawless Victory of the year: Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy may be the finest retro game ever made. It beats Shatter to death with its meaty stick (heh) and it certainly triumphs over any of the old retro game design flaws. It’s the retro made better, and I cannot believe to this day that is was fashioned by two people with the help of a huggable anti hero (Danny B) doing the soundtrack and another cool dude who did the main sounds (Jordon Fehr). I love this game, more than anything else in the world, I’m dead serious when I say this is one of the greatest games ever made. It is without a doubt the perfect platformer, we will never ever see another game alike it.

It’s the embodiment of that childhood, the raw nostalgia, that keeps me coming back to it. After a decade of being bogged down by shooty shooty twitchers, the difficulty curve of video-games spiralling downward and games generally being easy – it’s nice to see Super Meat Boy bring you back to your little years. The times you spent cursing the television, except this time it’s not at the game mechanics being flawed or the platforming not feeling tight, it’s at yourself. You suck. You’ve gotten so bogged down by all of this easy business that you don’t know what it’s like to be beaten to death by a video-game.

Super Meat Boy isn’t my game of the year, Kane and Lynch 2 is, but it is flawless victory. Kane and Lynch 2 deserves to be remembered as the ‘2010’ game, when indie gaming took the crown and mainstream finally hit rock bottom narrative design. Super Meat Boy is the embodiment of the opposite, it is the shining example of a dead genre now resurrected in all of its old age glory. I could feel myself connecting with the little boy inside of me, crying out and screaming after I suffered a massive hit. I am going through a 100% playthrough, and I can say, it is impossible.

It’s my favourite game of the year, no doubt, but not THE game of the year. It’s the biggest quality effort, and if this was any other awards showing, then it’d take the GOTY crown with zero competition. Honestly, there was no doubt in my mind in any other game taking this crown… except… well… we’ll leave that until the end of the month.

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