Worst game of 2010: God of War III


It’s not that God of War III is horrible designed, it is. It’s not that I hate its guts in every single respect, I do. It’s not that it won ‘Best PS3 Game’ over Heavy Rain in the Spike VGAs, it is that kind off. It’s not that it got hundreds of accolades for ultimately being a dire and meaningless experience, it is. It’s…

Oh fuck it.

I hate this game.

It murdered Greek tragedy and was hailed as a great game. What? What the fuck! I know narrative isn’t a key integral part of any video-game, it shouldn’t be (narrative and gameplay should be the same thing in any fantastic game, or at least related). It’s just the fact that the first game told such a fantastic story, honestly one of the best, and its characterisation took us places we’re we’ve never been before. It’s the perfect stress relief, the first game I’m talking about, and seeing the full Greek pantheon on display is an amazing feat of art design.

I really enjoyed the second game too, but I felt the pacing was too slow and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. The little tweaks to combat really made it worthwhile though, and then the ending was a cool cliffhanger of what to expect. I finished the first two games last Summer (through the HD collection), and then hopped on to the third one to finish it all off. I was expecting something great, since all of the pieces were there to reproduce the Greek tragedy of the first one but to an even grander, emotional scale. Unfortunately, the game decided to kill any meaning. Lovely.

I think this video explains most of my feelings.

But for the full skinny, I hate the game because it decides to talk about “Hope” throughout. What the fuck? I’m cutting hundreds of people into tiny bits, and you’re asking me to think of morality in this equation? Of reasoning? Some point towards the ending it decides to throw me into a barely interactive scene where I see ‘my family’ being murdered.

I don’t give a damn.

Let me cut some people up.

The very last moment of the game could have been a storytelling gem. If you’ve played the game then you’ll know what I mean. Kratos could’ve seen the errors of his ways, been reduced to nothing; even more than the first game. Realizing he’s ended the world in his quest for vengeance, and casting himself into limbo. The ‘power of hope’ given to him by Pandora’s Box should’ve fallen to mankind, or even better, not exist at all. All of the ‘evils’ and ‘hope’ in the box should never have happened. All that was in the box was the power to kill a god. The end. Zeus is just mad because some guy wants to kill him, performing all of his actions out of fear of being murdered by his Son.

I just hate it.

So much.

I feel actually sorry for people who have it on their “game of the year” lists, so blinded by ignorance and just looking at all the dazzling graphics and kills. It’s not horribly horrible like Kane and Lynch 2, but it’s the worst game in that it’s considered one of the best games. It doesn’t show us anything about the industry, it’s frustrating to an unfair degree at times and it’s generally just a horribly shallow experience.


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