Game design corner cancelled, Gamer Studio bits postponed and more!

In preparation of Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two I am now using all of my research for game design corner to turn the volume into the best thing you’ve ever written. If I write the corners up until its release, you’ll just hear the same things I’ve said before but paraphrased. So, until a bit afterwards when topics settle and I maybe decide on something new, no corners.

There hasn’t been a game critique corner because I haven’t really played anything new, although I will be writing a new one tomorrow on the New Vegas DLC, one next week on DC Universe Online or Microbot. After that we have a ton of games to critique, I’m especially looking forward to seeing how Dead Space 2 handles the whole ‘player character talking’ thing. If they use Isaac as a conduit between the experience, acting on the level of the player, then yeah it should be alright. If not I’ll tear it to hell.

My bits with The Gamer Studio have all been postponed so you’ll see all of my GTA 4 columns this month and next month will be a different game. I’ve decided to write “This Month in Hardisty” to sum up my articles that I post on other sites and what-not, such as Screenjabber. Follow me on Twitter for the latest postings of my material if you’re really that in love with me.

I have exams coming up and they will all murder me, so don’t be surprised if I fall off the edge of the Earth while also battling to keep coursework in the pipeline that has to be urgently done before the end of the month. It’s my last year of secondary education so it’s all fire burning here. During the six week holidays I will be pumping out more material than ever and sorting my life out. Something different that’s alike a novel will also be out in August, and it’s very different to what I normally do.

Thanks guys, gals and fishez. I’ll see you tomorrow for game critique corner and until then, peace out brethren.

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