Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume One Kindle Edition Now Available!


And it sucks.

Honestly, I wrestled with the formatting for years on end. It took weeks of years of work. In honesty, I’ve worked for many hours on trying to tweak the formatting and get headers correctly but at the end of the day it’s still legible if the presentation is a bit less pretty. It’s the first volume so all of you should’ve read it by now anyway. When Volume Two comes around I’ll work on separate files for Kindle Edition and .PDF edition (which can be used on your iPad).

Click the image to download the Kindle Edition now. Instructions on how to get it on to your Kindle are  at the bottom of here.

I apologise for all the formatting and bits but this got asked of me and I did what I could with what little I know. It’s not the prettiest of eBooks you’ll ever read but to make up for it I went back and edited the original file and discovered many spelling and grammatical errors that I changed. So, in a weird sort of way you’re getting the best edition.

I’ve started work on researching for Volume Two and to sum up one of specific sections I’m working on in two words: Sarah Palin.

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