It’s my school holidays starting Saturday and I have a spare week of sleeping in and overworking myself to get through. It’s basically the same as any other week except it doesn’t involve sleep deprivation. Usually I wake up 7AM everyday on a school day, but in the holidays I just like to find all of the sleep that I missed during working. I am so lazy. I have… a thousand billion million things to get done in one week and I likely won’t be getting them all done. In fact, more than likely I’ll have to delay all of this until late June when my 3 months of school holidays kick in. I won’t be having any time to myself between now and June due to exams… exams everywhere.

Stuff I need to get done:

  • Complete Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Go through Grand Theft Auto IV again
  • AT LEAST start World of Goo
  • Sit down and thoroughly plan out Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two
  • Go through Dead Space 2 on easy
  • Play through A Crack In Time
  • Plan out a short story I want to write later this year
  • Write Workshops for The Gamer Studio
  • Likely bloggins for Screenjabber
  • Game critique corner
  • Start Epic Mickey

There’s a trip with school on Monday to go to London for the day so that effectively kills off a whole day. I may also need to go in on Friday to catch-up on work that all of my colleagues haven’t even started. All the games I have to play above will probably be for game critique corner as the barrel of games is drying up around late Feb, with Bulletstorm out next week (which I may not even get to play). I’ll likely also be busy making sure the new blogging series is up to par and writing the Workshop series for The Gamer Studio.

Volume Two of Up, Down, Left, Right has all of its notes almost finalized, I just need to scribble up some bits on the last section and then the mammoth will be ready to plan out extensively. I hope to have it out at some point by the end of June/early July now. The rest of my school holidays will be spent writing something that I’ve only dreamed of happening, and it is going to happen.

Volume Two of Up, Down, Left, Right will encompass:

  • The Middle Man narrative in video-games
  • Our pathetic excuse for an ‘interactive’ medium
  • An analysis on the first-person perspective
  • The power of the blank slate character
  • The confusion between ‘story’ and ‘storytelling’
  • A love letter to Ken Levine… Bioshock… sorry.
  • The future of art; Smithsonian exhibition
  • Why it’s hard to create a literary masterpiece nowadays
  • Ambiguity’s best friend
  • How to make grown men cry
  • The over-writing of genres
  • And more. Obviously.

The short story I want to write later this year is only existent because every year since I started writing about video-games I’ve just lost out on creative writing. I love fiction, I love the space it creates and I love how I can fill it with my hopes, dreams and my own self. They’re essentially preserved archives of your own mind except half the time you don’t even know who is writing. Is it yourself or is it the actual writing just flowing. I often get into a trance when I start typing something massive and it weirdly just finishes itself. I always try and plan the basics though. I will probably release the thing online.

Another thing I want to try is this:

I like a challenge.

The new bloggings series is pretty obviously going to be about a different sort of media. It’s on the same vein of ‘game critique corner’ oh and you’ve already guessed it correctly. I’ll explain why I’m writing it on Sunday when it comes out and the changes I’m making to ‘critique corners’. It’s an exciting new endeavour and it’ll perhaps work.

I have two months of Workshops already written for the Gamer Studio while they sort their site out, but I want to get another month done and perhaps another month done next month so I won’t have to work during the Summer. Well, work on Workshops, since I’ll be writing pretty much for 8 hour days during then on the big giant project. Which isn’t a novel, by the way, or a film script or any other matter. It’s… along the lines of Up, Down, Left, Right but not about video-games or films. It’s hard to say.

That’s all for now, but what to expect throughout this week:

  • Killzone 3 Review on
  • New bloggins series starting both here and somewhere else (will link)
  • Infamous 2 Game Critique Corner
  • This Month In Hardisty (probably ‘months in Hardisty’)


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