Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two production underway

I am happy to announce that the planning of Volume Two of Up, Down, Left, Right is now complete. We are ready to rock, roll and write. I’ve quizzed my old buddy Juan Houter about designing the new box art and he’s up for the task, already getting to work on some concepts involving a SNES styled cover.

Volume One encompasses detailing why video-games are art, how they’re a viable medium and the ways that people can take in order to become a part of the movement. In a sense, it does what it says on the tin and serves as an introduction to video-games as something more.

Volume Two will talk about something else, hence the Python reference of “And now for something completely different.” that will appear on the cover. The main topic is the power, problems and solutions surrounding interactivity and interactive storytelling. It’s more meaty than Volume One with each section having five essays instead of four.

My plans for Volume Three are already taking shape and I’m planning to sit down to plan that out after writing Volume Two and the super secret project. I am currently thinking it will be about video-game journalism and legitimizing us as an artistic expression. I’m not sure, yet, it’s planned for December 2011 but it’ll probably shift.

Volume Two of Up, Down, Left, Right will release late July of this year. After that I’ll begin work on the super secret project that will be completely different and astronomically difficult to what I’ve been currently writing. You’ll all like it though, I hope y’all do.

Thanks, readers, you make me smile seeing my stats go up everyday.

A preview of Volume Two some-time in June, I think.

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