This Month in Hardisty: February 2011

February was a busy, busy month with the simple fact that I didn’t get to review Bulletstorm so I had a lot of free time to waste. I managed to review over four titles in the month so that’s all beans and gravy. Pretty busy at the end of the day and it’s likely to get busier throughout the year (yay) while I’m revising for my exams and working on books (boo). Hit the jump to see everything I posted during the month of February.

Skyrim Trailer News

Killzone 3 Review

Rage Trailer News

Hunter: Demon’s Forge Trailer News

Killzone 3 Single-player Preview

Stacking Review

Darkness 2 Announcement News

Arkham City Comics News

Killzone 3 Multi-player Preview

Behind the Scenes of LA Noire: 1#

Behind the Scenes of LA Noire 2#

Dead Space 2 Review

Magic: The Gathering Review

Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

March review in a month or so.

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