This Summer

I’ve just got off of bothering a company into whether or not I can use their IP to write a whole 300-page length book about it. They refused, given the press frenzy around them and how little time they would be able to devote to my work. It’s Mojang, by the way, and I wanted to explore what it meant to be a video-game in the 21st century with Minecraft. They said no, that’s fine, but they also wished me good luck. I previously teased about ‘something big’ I had in mind for this Summer, along with Up, Down, Left, Right – that ‘something big’ is still coming – along with some other things.

I’ve decided to detail three things I’ll be working on, and projected releases.

  • Killscreen Piece – Just nailing down the logistics, will be online the start of the summer Summer hopefully.
  • Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two And now for something completely different. Planning has shifted up a gear, after I revised some structure and inserted some new quotes. It’ll be quite something, I hope, my best work to date. I’ve decided to release it on my ‘3 year anniversary’, when I started writing professionally. 3rd August
  • The Big Project – I’ll detail this more in-depth throughout the summer, but you must know that it doesn’t involve video-games at all. It’ll be another eBook, available for free like everything else and it’ll be quite something. End of August-ish

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