Bloggins update: Books, writings, summer, looking forward and back

I naturally always look too far ahead of things. Right now I have around six projects or so swimming around my head from video-game essays, video-game books, books-about-something-else, writing gigs and columns, game/film critique corners and so on and so forth. I like looking ahead, it makes sure I’m not scared when the idea finally hits me in the face, although now I’ve just realised I’ve been looking ahead at the wrong things. I love writing, it is my drug, it makes me have these stalemate stares with my screen as I type away. My first stories, horribly written things, are around here somewhere with the plans for said projects, horribly written things. I am growing too old, come August I will have been writing for over three years professionally. I am sixteen years old, I will be seventeen in September and that terrifies me. Right now there’s a short story I want to write, the title of it pretty much sums up my life right now – ‘REMEMBER WHEN DAYS FELT LIKE DAYS’ – I’m thinking of putting it on here free of charge because I’m nice. I am scared, but I’m not cowering in fear, as said I love writing and the day I die you’ll find a pen or a laptop in my hand.

Speaking of looking forward, I tweeted this image out the other day:

I decided to start planning the third volume of Up, Down, Left, Right early. I’m doing this because I realized recently that I will not have the time to do my previous plan which was to end the series in 2013 with over seven volumes. I’m condensing them now into five volumes, still the same content but some more focused topics. With Volume One it was introducing the whole ‘games are art, now what?’ thing, with the following volumes talking about ‘now what?’ The plans/topics I listed in the Volume Two preview are completely redundant now.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself and say exactly what each volume will focus on until I start planning them. Well I’ve started planning volume three, don’t worry it won’t interfere with my Summer plans, so I can pretty much give details on what it’s based around. Should be obvious from the above image that it’s video-game journalism, and I plan to actually involve outside parties this time. I have a few people in mind, perhaps a whole section called GUESTS, should freshen things up from the usual horrible quality of writing.

Why am I getting guests in? Well for one thing it is to freshen things up, but another thing, is the fact that I won’t have all that much time to myself in the pressing times. I have my AS levels starting in September and I likely won’t have enough time to even breathe during all this mass revision. I want to do well so I can go on to get a nice job and a house and bits, it’s just frustrating getting there. Volume Three is still projected to come out at the very end of the year, as a joke I might release it December 31st. I’m not sure if it’ll be as big as the other volumes, given time constraints, but we’ll see.

I’m not sure on the sub-title thing, I might just slap a game journo’s quote on the box or get a writer guy friend to slap a quote about how amazing/horrible the book is. We’ll see, but I am toying with Nobody’s a critic and everybody’s a loser, along with the titles described in the image I tweeted.

Volume Two, And now for something completely different…, is now full steam ahead and dead on for its August 3rd release. I’m incredibly excited of getting into a super-duper writing groove and I’ll be releasing one chapter from the book before its release. Because I’m kind like that/the Kindle release will take a while.

The Big Project, as I’m calling it, needs a new name. I might just outright tease it in the project title actually, yeah that’d be fun. So lets call it Project Electric Sheep, not too give-away and not too secretive. If you guess what it is, you deserve a medal and an advance copy. I’ll be working actual writing hours with this one, I want some self-disciple, so expect some daily blogs to show how much amazing progress I make on the thing before I give up. All of the other writings won’t suffer, don’t worry, I’ll probably be reviewing the Summer of Arcade Xbox Live promotion thing for Screenjabber too.

Speaking of writings, my column ‘The Workshop’ finally started over at The Gamer Studio after ironing out all of the bugs and bits. Part One and Two of it are up now, usually up every Friday, I’ll tweet the links out and post here every Month of Hardisty too. They even made me a nifty little header thing too, bless.

The “Feat.” makes it look like I’m in a boyband. A good boyband too.

Cheers Johnny Tsai for whipping up the header too.

See you tonight, for film critique corner on Source Code

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