Bloggins update: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

Today is the 29th anniversary of Blade Runner. Today is a good day. More below.

NOTE: All dates shown are in UK format (dd/mm/yyyy) you Americans are weird.

By the time you read this I’m probably recovering from my prom and cracking on with going through materials for Tears in Rain (firmly decided on the title now). I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to make some sort of post showing off my amazing suit and my first for the very first time although I may just cover it up with this (EDIT: yes I have!). So… I’m about to embark on writing two projects that will probably kill me/ change me into a writer for life. I’ve detailed both of them but perhaps this will serve as a final tease before you get your hands on either piece. There’ll be updates of both books’ progress but this place will be largely pumping out the same content along with my columns and Screenjabber bits staying the same too.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two 

The sequel to the book that I hold responsible for turning me into Nathan Hardisty video-game writer guy. It’s a detailed analysis and critique on modern gaming conventions affiliated with interactive storytelling and the issues around interactive storytelling. Chris Crawford, Sarah Palin and many others are quoted and referenced in this thing and I hope the research pays off and we get some of the finest video-game writing I’ve ever produced. It will be releasing on both Kindle and .PDF on August 3rd, which is the 3rd anniversary of me starting my professional writing career.

I’ve also decided, and I’m completely serious, to have this thing playing as my writing soundtrack:

Oh this is gonna be so good.

Tears in Rain: An Exploration of the Historical, Political and Cultural Importance of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982)

I’m not that experienced with film journalism. I launched Film Critique Corner to try and calm myself into writing for another medium and it’s worked somewhat in my favour. I’ve had offers to work, for money, for a film journalism site and this is my way of proving I am more than capable of doing so. Blade Runner is one of my most treasured films and I am thankful that this idea is now deep inside my membrane. I cannot wait to put my notes and knowledge to good use and deliver a 300 page exploration on one of the finest films ever made. As you can see above we finally have a firm release date for both versions. Kindle will come a month later due to me being a perfectionist.

I’m listening to Morrissey, The Smiths, LCD Soundsystem and many others during this journey into writing more than I’ve ever written before.

Other stuff

  • I’ll be posting pictures of the drafts of both books and, at the end of it all, unveiling my face when I bite the social bullet and join Facebook where you can talk to me about dichotomous thematic design.
  • I’m releasing an already finished/edited essay of Volume 2 on the 30th June for you all to get a taste.
  • No previews of Tears in Rain but I don’t want to spoil any ounce.
  • I am self-publishing Tears in Rain privately, paying for the publishing myself for a handful of copies, to throw at my family/friends/brag with “Sup i wrote 300 pgz on blades u turbs jelly?”
  • Nyan nyan nyan nyan.
  • I am probably insane.
  • Work has already begun on Volume Three which I’ll be formally announcing soon after these two things have come out.
  • Work has also begun on next year’s Summer books, one of which I can confirm is another film exploration, and I’m toying with where to put Volume Four and Five of Up, Down, Left, Right into the schedule.
  • I’m looking at my Tears in Rain notes now and it’s become apparent I have enough material for a sequel of the same length. I am completely serious.
All of the books will be found in the book section, obviously, with appropriate editions released at the appropriate times.
Volume Two
– Kindle and .PDF – August 3rd
Tears in Rain: An Exploration of the Historical, Political and Cultural Importance of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) 
– .PDF on September 2nd
– Kindle on October 5th
Mr. FlashJB will be doing the cover art (he did all the Tears in Rain preview graphic) due to complications with Juan’s personal life.
Other than that, much love and I’ll see you next update.

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