Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two Release AND Surprise

More below.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Two is now available in both PDF and Kindle formats. This was many months of my life of research, writing, editing and tweaking and breaking it over my knees in order to get this thing to actually work. I feel this contains some of my finest video-game writing of my entire writing career, if not my finest writing itself, I hope you enjoy reading it. The Kindle Edition is a bit stunted because the native .mobi files don’t work well with images and formatting, so I instead used raw .html into .azw files and it’s all nice and chippers now.

Wait what?

I did say the Kindle remaster would come August 30th, instead, here you go. I slaved over this instead of writing Tears in Rain, which isn’t going very… smoothly per say.

Speaking of books, I plan to convert all of my booky wookies into the EPUB format, as requested by Elsa over on Destructoid. I’ve been told this allows for font resizing and all manner of good goodyness. I’m not sure if it’s the definitive ‘iPad’ format or something but I’ll still throw an EPUB edition out there. If you want the books in any other format, or have converted them into any other format yourself, don’t hesitate to throw me an email: nathan.hardisty@gmail.com

Now then… I’m done with Up, Down, Left, Right for now. Volume Three news will come VERY soon after Tears In Rain (if I get it finished) along with news on what I’m planning to do next year.

It was fun, tiresome and extraordinary to write Volume Two for you and, once again, I do hope you enjoy it.

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