Bloggins update: Tears In Rain delay, Up, Down, Left, Right Volume Three and more


I’ve had a rather busy last few weeks with both my 17th birthday coming up, driving lessons being booked, a GCSE results day, various bits and pieces and also a goddamn book to write. I’m tired and I feel guilty saying this but I let you all down, I got overly ambitious and said “300 pages in one month? Pfft!” I got arrogant and I’m sorry for that. Tears In Rain will not be releasing September 2nd nor will it be releasing October nor will it be releasing 2011 at this rate. I’ve decided then to scale back the pages and try and get into a flow that I can manage. Philip K. Dick managed 60+ pages a day, but Stephen King writes 2000 words, both of whom are some of my favourite authors and have certainly played into my writing. I forgot to consider time management altogether though and it’s not paid off; rather paid off in an entirely different direction.

Tears In Rain will release in 2011. I don’t know when but I made a promise to write a book on Blade Runner and I will fulfil just that. I feel so guilty just typing all of this. I’m usually the most punctual man in the universe and I let you all down, I’m sorry if you were looking forward to it. I’m about to have the busiest time of my life and I need to sacrifice a things to ensure I sleep well and my writing stays at its constant temperature. Or quality, whatever you want, although quality and I don’t usually fit in the same room which is why it’s odd to find arrogance in here now and then.

On to the next bit: Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Three will be focused on video-game journalism ranging from blogs to Kotaku to eSports to all manner of things. Since I have a dangerous lack of time with 2011 fully booked I’m bringing in some help on the matter, the middle section of the book will be composed of guest chapters all discussing areas of video-game journalism from community building to eSports Journalism and all manner of things. I’ll be on hand to be the bread sections of one and three to make sure the journalistic sandwich still has the Hardisty stamp. If you’re interesting in pitching a chapter to me then email me on the usual and if you’re worried this is the only place I’m calling for pitches: don’t be.

The Workshop over on The Gamer Studio is still going up every Friday. August’s game was LA Noire and September’s shall be Arkham Asylum. I usually tweet out whenever parts go online but if you’re not around then I’ll usually post them on my This Month in Hardisty thing. They’re still going up and in 4 days a poll should be going up on the front page about October’s game, which you’ll be able to vote in.

Totally dry on the Screenjabber side of things given they got busy with FrightFest (which I’m hoping to get into 2 years from now when I’m 18 and ‘mature’) that and no real games came out. We didn’t get Deus Ex: Human Revolution to review but I did happen to buy it myself and have completed it just today. Game of the year, you’ll find out exactly why in this week’s critique corner.

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