Bloggins Update: Leaving Screenjabber, Birthday, School, Contribute to my upcoming eBook!


As of today I have left my Games Writer-chap position at Screenjabber, the ten months I spent there working with Adam Kelly and the whole family was a real good trip of exposure and experience. I wish everyone at Screenjabber well and I hope to pursue my games writing career further into similar review/news/actual games journalism type things elsewhere.

My birthday is next week on the 14th so that will be fun. I also have my first driving lesson the day after my birthday and school starts on the same day, so it’s one giant kick to the groin full of ‘busy’. Don’t expect critique corners to pop up weekly if every week I’m that busy, I need some space init. I’ll try and write here and there but do follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates on my Workshop stuff and where I’ll be posting my writing next. I’m expecting school to not be a walk in a park at all, jumping up to AS Level which is codeword for ‘You will die’ so that will be fun.

Volume Three is releasing later this year, and given I won’t have enough time next year to write it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about give my last two volumes a read, the earlier one has some sloppy writing to it but you get the picture easily, and you’ll be up to speed.

I’m low on time this year as well given I’m still tidying up Tears In Rain, planning out some projects for next year and dealing with stufffff.

For Volume Three I’m focusing on video-game journalism ranging from communal journalism sites like Destructoid to big corporate hogs like IGN and Kotaku. I hope to tackle the issue of honesty, score inflation and the way advertising affects the content all while drawing from my three years of experience. To cover the broad spectrum of video-game journalism would take months of research and I feel it would be best to simply bring in an outsider to tackle the subjects. Since I’m also low on time this also benefits me in that I only need to work with the writers to punch up their work up to a standard.

I’m doing it in the typical “intro, section, section, section, conclusion” that I’ve done with all of the series up to now and I doubt that will change. I will be writing the first and third section along with the intro/conclusion, but the middle section will be written by guests (YOU!). In essence, I’m serving as bookends to all the broad stuff.

I’m looking for contributors who have absolutely anything interesting to say about video-game journalism. Whether it be an observation or experience then I want it in my book. I want to put your name in lights and make you famous, then you can tell your grandchildren about that one time you did that thing and it led to the end of the world or something.

Nothing much is required other than a straight pitch, some demonstration of your writing talent (maybe a brief paragraph or something) along with whatever you deem necessary. I’m not treating this as a job or volunteer placement, if you want to do it then do it, if not then I’d love it if you knew anyone who’d want to write something.

I am however looking for some specific people with specific experiences. I’ll be looking around the internet for these people, so no worries if you don’t fit the profile or don’t know anyone who does, but if you happen to be/know these specific people then do get in touch. Once again, you don’t have to be any of these people to talk about video-game journalism, if I like your pitch then you’re probably in.

But the specific people are.

  • A freelance video-game journalist.
  • Someone with journalism experience outside of video-games.
  • Someone with academic experience with journalism (a degree or something)
  • A female video-game journalist, or generally female (hard to come by).
  • eSports Journalist or Caster or Player (on eSports Journalism obviously)
  • An indie game developer or game developer in general (Flash games included).
  • An ex-video-game journalist.

I think that’s all I need. Some of those will change, some of them I won’t find, some of them won’t answer me back like all my girlfriends (jk ive never had a girlfriend lol) and that’s fine. I’m not posting this request just here so don’t worry about the volume not being made.

What I need from you (if you want to contribute).

A name would be nice, maybe detail some experience or outline who you are. If you want to link me to some of your writing or whatever then that’s lovely. After that just pitch, anything or everything, go all James Bond up in this bitch or something to that effect. You’re more than likely a better writer than me so go nuts. It can be anything about video-game journalism, literally anything.

If you happen to be one of the people I’m looking for, from the giant list above, mention that in your pitch as well. If you happen to be one of those people but without a pitch then I’d love to talk to you, email me at

What you get out of this

You can publish whatever you write on wherever you want. I operate the books on a Creative Common license which means if someone takes my stuff without my permission and makes profit out of it then I can kill them or something. I’m not that bothered about the legality of what I’m doing because, well, video-games. I write about video-games because I love them.

Anyway, you can take whatever you write and put it on your blog or MySpace or whatever kids are using these days. If you want to put a link to my book in there too, great, if you just want to pimp out my book, awesome either way. This is your stuff.

You won’t be getting paid. I would love to pay anyone for their hard work. You’ll be working with me through drafts and general edits, nothing too big. You do however have bragging rights of being part of a eBook that is read by thousands of people and you can slap that on your CV or tattoo it on your dongle to show off to your partner so she/he can be all like “omg ur a riter!”

What I require in the final article

This is a big book, but I don’t demand a big article. Think of it as a Chapter in a book, I like to call them chapters because it makes me think I haven’t lost any author integrity (spoiler: I have) or something. I would appreciate it if it was more than a page, 750 words I think, but size isn’t important. I hope all the contributions to add up so don’t feel like it’ll end up being a cold day in the locker room or something.

You will be working with me on edits, suggesting things and getting a pre-release version of the book as soon as its done in a format of your choosing.

The release is timed for around the end of the year, so no rush no worries.

I think that’s it.

Go nuts, tell your friends, pitch right here for all to see and discuss upon. I came to this sub-reddit because you’ve treated me all so well, time to give that love back.

By making you work hard.

I’m just that kinda guy.

Be sure to email your pitches and stuffff to

tl;dr A female kangaroo has 2 vaginas, 2 fallopion tubes, 2 uterus, and a male kangaroo has a forked penis

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