Doctor Who and Me 6

Spoilers, obviously.

Doctor Who Series 6 – Part 2: Nathan Hardisty faces the truth

Let’s rock.

Let’s Kill Hitler

rory punches hitler

in the


I was surprised, honestly, super surprised. The Doctor swaggers out in coat and tails facing his death like his dapper self. Sonic cane and all that. River Song nearly kills him, Rory ends up inside his wife (not the last time waaay), Amy goes on a motorcycle and Hitler gets locked up in the closet where he belongs. It’s quite an exciting, thrilling and… fulfilling episode after the last one. It doesn’t feel like a two-parter yet feels coherent enough so it doesn’t lose track of where it goes. There’s no teasing, except right until the end, then it gets a bit annoying. I was honestly surprised how good this was after I lost all faith.

Night Terrors

let me tell you something

monsters are


Mark Gatiss returns after Victory of the Daleks and repeats a few things. Except I rather liked this episode more than others. It just works. There’s proper scares at play, proper uncanny stuff, great acting from Daniel Guy From Ashes to Ashes and it’s all wrapped up nicely. Yes, there’s more THE POWER OF LOVE! bullshit but it feels believable, odd. It’s been in nearly every Gatiss story and a lot of Who stories actually. In fact the power of love returns later in the series more blatantly too. I rather enjoyed Night Terrors, a bit like Curse of the Black Spot. Just fun.

The Girl Who Waited

rory is given a choice

his wife or his wife

old and young

Holy shit.

This might be my second favourite episode of the series. It’s a proper ‘Rorystory’, that’s a new term now, and all that badassery unravels but doesn’t write him as a pansy. It makes him out as the most beautiful man who ever lived. The moral dilemmas posed here are exactly why I love Doctor Who and none of that wibbly-wobbly hinty hinty LOST bullshit. Aesthetics are pleasing, the choice at hand is incredible, all the acting is fine and cool, a confined Doctor makes him completely powerless to events and all manner of unearthing humanity is shown. All in a bid to set up stuff for the next episode. Lovely.

The God Complex

you can’t just drop me off

at my house

like we shared a cab

Doctor Who has never been about goodbyes but hellos. It’s about the intros and the explorations, not about the letting go. The God Complex is about letting go. It feels more grown-up than past companion goodbyes, but only because The Doctor seems to… grow up. He’s reached his limit with Rorycakes and Pond. The end is here and it’s time to say goodbye. This is a brave, brave episode that trumps along the lines of faith, atheism, The Doctor himself and all manner of things. It’s an absolute truly fantastic reversal of the power of love into the power of faith and crushing destroys all of Pond’s faith in the Doctor. An incredible, memorable episode, my third favourite.

Closing Time


I enjoyed The Lodger, I didn’t think it was anything special, but it was pretty nice. Really got grated on the power of love thing, which happens again here and Corden literally says “I BEAT THEM. I BEAT THEM WITH LOVE.” and it gets really irritating. The good thing is we get good innuendos, a good Cyberman episode, hilarious babby lines (STORMAGEDDON DARK LORD OF ALL!) and then something which reduces me to tears. The Doctor’s final goodbyes in which I was literally saying Don’t die aloud. I haven’t felt this way since Tennant’s era. Not totally felt like a Tennant moment, since I knew Smith wasn’t going, but it was more of a teary teary than a booey hooey as I did with End of Time. Good show.

The Wedding of River Song

texting and scones

Something weird: I wanted the Doctor to die. No, seriously.

It felt like this was it, Moffat made me believe that this was it. I obviously knew he wouldn’t die but I wanted him to die. The Doctor has done so much that he should face some responsibility for once, and die. I don’t know how the show would continue but it feels like The Doctor needed to die and it’s quite weird what exactly happens. River marries the Doctor, the Doctor cheats death (which sadly feels kinda shoehorned in) and it all feels like a very crammed finale. The revelation of ‘the question’ makes me wonder whether or not we’re on the Silence’s side now since I doubt any of us want to know his name. Pretty good episode I guess, just nothing really fistpumpy.


So that was Series Six then. One big heaping hulk of both absolute crass, absolute beautiful bits and absolute teases. I am not sure what to think. Part 1 made me think that show was going deep under LOST but Part 2 has those singular stories that make it so worthwhile. You can tell which I prefer. It felt like a throwback to the Davies days and I don’t love everything the man has done, but I love what he created more than everything Moffat has done put together. So, I don’t know what to think. Series 7 is being spread across two years, the 50th anniversary is coming up, the Christmas special has goddamn Bill Oddie in it.

A part of me feels I should post this, something I found on a Doctor Who forum I frequent:

And I…


I agree, mostly. I don’t agree with all of it. I don’t hate Doctor Who and I’ve said sometimes that I hate Moffat. I don’t, but it feels like it’s time to give it a rest. Nathan Hardisty should be a Whovian no longer, that what Who has become is something that I can only be picky with and annoying with. It doesn’t feel right to me and perhaps rather than ruin my enjoyment and growl and shout at you all about how my opinion is amazing, I’ll instead give up. I’ll go back to my Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and Specials boxsets. I’ll start watching old Who and going “Oh… so the Doctor’s name is Keith” when ‘that’ happens. I think I could be okay with that.

Except, I’d be missing out on The Doctor’s Wife and The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. All of which are amazing, singular and absolutely beautiful stories that crack open piles and piles of characterization, emotional development and all manner of good-looking things. It feels good, sometimes, to look past the cracks and questions and sly hints and The Doctor will die and instead look at what the show really is about. Except, can I bare it any longer? Can I seriously watch this show go through the same LOST paces, retread its footsteps over and over, watch legions of fans surrender their uteruses and otherwise genitals to Stephen Moffat all while he tricks them into believing he is more than just a cavalcade of cheap writing tricks and silly plot arcs that do nothing. Rory and Amy have a baby, oh well it’s alright. River Song is Amy’s daughter, oh that’s kinda cool I guess. The Doctor survives Lake Silencio, okay saw that coming I guess.

Maybe it’s time.


It’s time to hang my Whovian stetson, put away the fezes and screwdrivers. It hurts, it really does, but… this is the last series of Doctor Who I’ll ever watch.

Wow, I just said that.

There is one thing I can promise to myself: No matter what, I am watching the 50th Anniversary in whatever form it comes in. It’s just too much to miss out on.

And that’s it.

No more Doctor Who bloggins.



Next week: Doctor Who and Me 7 – Torchwood Miracle Day

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