Bloggins Update: Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume 3 Revamp, NaNoWriMo 2011 Project

Don’t panic!

I’m still writing it. Don’t worry. In fact, I’ve finished most of it, just had to now add a big workload. The problem is that I decided it’d be fun to, you know, ask for guest writers during one of the busiest times of the year. So now, it won’t be NATHAN HARDISTY (and guests) it’ll just be lonely little me and a big book of research behind the perspective section of the book. This is no-one’s fault but mine and the guys who did follow and keep up and did write articles (Nathan Blades being one of them, <3) but they’ve already been sent emails by now.

Volume Three will be the shortest of the series, but it won’t be the worst. No. It will be heavily specific on video-game criticism and various communities and viewpoints will come into play through my own research and stuff. Do not worry. I will make my 25th December release date.

Speaking of release dates, check out the book section again… yeah.


I will be self-publishing my NaNoWriMo novel come December 31st, heavily edited of course. It’ll be coming free on digital editions but paid physical editions, seems nice, go have a gander at the book section for the synopsis and stuff. Really excited about pushing this out, and it isn’t some 50k novella, but a true novel I feel.

I think that’s it. Tears in Rain will ramp its production heavily up in 2012.

I am once again sorry for the lack of content, recently, but I… yeah… I’ve had a lot on my mind with A-Level exams and other projects and commitments. I love you all, honestly, and I hate to lose my continuity and general time-management of my little life. The Workshops are still being published over on The Gamer Studio, so go enjoy those weekly if you want.

Once again, <3.

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