Best Art Direction 2011: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Probably the most Blade Runner looking thing to come out since… Blade Runner. The word ‘retrofitted’ comes to mind and with the Syd Mead futurism blended with Orwellian tones and a dark, moody pixelated aesthetic covering this makes for one of the most good looking games of the last few years. It’s not the best looking, in terms of graphical polish, but aesthetically and artistically this is a game that reflects every ounce of its story, narrative, world, setting and character. This is the best type of art direction, when it manages to reflect the game itself and not feel like a disjointed add-on. A reflection of the world within.

As games reach the ‘peak oil’ point of graphical fidelity, it’s nice to have a game like Human Revolution show all the big budget boys just how it’s done. It’s a Deus Ex game, so it wasn’t just interesting to look at, but one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had this year. For a long while it was my game of the year until something happened. It’s still in my top ten, no doubt, and I’m guessing next year I’ll end up doing a countdown instead or something. But, honestly, one of the best looking games in the history of forever. Okami ain’t got nothin’ on this.

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