Blogossus Game of the Year 2011: Minecraft

I wrote an entire book (Volume Two) pretty much dedicated to Minecraft. I was, at one point, going to write an entire book about Minecraft but that kind of evaporated. Minecraft is the pinnacle of non-linearity and interactivity. It’s one of the most riskiest, rewarding experiments of the 21st century and an absolute beacon of video-game design. It has changed the industry, thank god, and although I disagree with the additions of ‘The End’ and some other design choices, it still happened to me. 2011 was the year of the video-game, of massive amounts of quality, but I feel Minecraft‘s final release is the true one. The true video-game.

I think this is where interactivity flourishes into something else. I’m not sure where Notch and company will take the game, but they’ve given me a limitless experience under almost no cost and an experience full of procedural emotion. I don’t think my pretentiousness can take it anymore, I have been out-video-gamed. Speechless.

Well done Mojang.

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