Flawless Victory 2011: Skyrim

If this were any other site, this would be my ‘Game of the Year’. Except I still believe that ‘Game of the Year’ should mean what truly represents that year. In the case of 2011, it’s an entirely different video-game. For now, however, let’s bask in the glory of Skyrim. It honestly is the best experience I’ve had with a video-game this year. Taking me into some role-playing fantasy and giving me, once again, the Oblivion craving which I won’t get rid of for more than six months. It’s one endless, endless experience and it’s shown that the industry (however ‘Call of Duty’ it might get) still has fruits to bear.

From the combat to the music to the story to… some of the voice acting, Skyrim is an absolutely stellar experience that seems to never let up on its quality. For such a large game, that’s saying something.

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