New Years Resolutions

Cliché, I know, but I’d like to make these a reference point. This day, a year from now, I’ll come back to this post and talk about how I’ve utterly failed in meeting these. Some of them are personal, others Blogossus, some book projects and some really simple.

  • AAAA in my AS Levels.
  • Get a driving license, pass with flying colours for extra cookies.
  • Write five book projects (Tears In Rain, Film Book 2#, Up Down Left Right Volume Four, Short Story Collection, Nanowrimo 2012)
  • Not die becoz 21/12/2012 LOLOLOLOLOL.
  • Get into film journalism, perhaps professionally.
  • Become a published writer.
  • Write and get paid for it.
  • Revive Critique Corners and make them stick around for the ENTIRE year.
  • Read. Every. Single. Day. Starting January 1st.

I think those are, mostly, realistic. Share yours if you want but just have yourself a lovely New Year and hope that we don’t all commit mass suicide on December 20th.


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