The Plan


Instead of a game-y essay, there will be a filmy one tomorrow on Alien, I decided to outline the next few things on my ‘To Blogossus’ list. Some of this stuff is subject to change, but I think this is actually somewhat of a pretty heavy post regardless. I will be writing another ‘Film Book’ after Tears In Rain, which launches in nine days, and other books will be addressed:

Tears In Rain

In all practically, it’s pretty much done and dusted for the 25th June (30th Anniversary). There’s formatting for ePub and Kindle to complete, but that should take me a week or so. It won’t be releasing alongside the .PDF release, I do need a break after all. I am playing around with the idea of a video series around Tears In Rain, along with expanding it to a Blade Runner fansite. I’m not quite sure yet. I fell deeper in love, and hate too, with the film than ever before and it’s become this symbiotic relationship. I really don’t know if I can let go. Sequel? Possibly… in fact..

Tears in Rain 2: A Social, Psychological and Philosophical Exploration of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (Possibly)

I’d like to cover more social (particularly racial and class based) issues along with applying some philosophies and psychology theories to see if anything is unearthed. This is merely on the table. Repeat, merely on the table. If I did it, it would be much shorter than the first book but probably with a lot more meat on it. I got rather abstract with some of Tears In Rain, I must admit. I’ll look at the response to Tears to gauge whether or not a sequel is necessary, or even wanted at all by any of you. Even if just a handful of you want it then I’d happily get typing. Probably best to say it won’t be on the horizon until Summer 2013 if I decide to go ahead.

Blade Runner Week

A week long of Blade Runner related essays, articles and investigations will be posted from June 25th to July 1st. A hardcore review, a psychological incision, a philosophical incision, some feminism talk, scene analysis and its wider legacy will all be covered. Stuff I couldn’t do with Tears In Rain really.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four

I’m really really not sure when I’ll be writing this thing. I need to do a lot with the series to make sure it’s beefed up for when I gallivant off to university. I’ve already said that Volume Five is potentially the last piece of games journalism I’ll complete for a long, long time. I’m playing around with what exactly Volume Four will entail. Storytelling, artistic recognition and games journalism have all been covered. Community, clichés, production and other bits need to be filled in I guess. I never intended the series to be businessy or even strictly academic, more of a journalistic take on the industry as a whole. For now, let’s say that Volume Four will be releasing at the end of the year? Christmas 2012?

Film Book 2 – ???: An Exploration of Mary Harron’s American Psycho

Well that’s the cat out of the bag. I will be writing a book on American Psycho, one of my favourite films. It will involve the book, it will involve psychology and it will definitely be written in the same vein as Tears In Rain. What I have to unfortunately announce is that for four weeks of this Summer I’m actually going to vanish. University trips, holidays, expeditions and other stuff is sucking up my time. I’ll write backlogs of essays and stuff for you all to enjoy while I’m gone. This further means I won’t be able to write a full, quality book in two months. I did Volume Three of Up, Down, Left, Right in that amount of time but there’s absolutely no way I can repeat that with a film. It requires a lot more precision. It’s why I’ve chosen to release the book in four parts spread over August to January 2013.

I’ll outline these parts further but:

Part One: Psychosis – Late August
Part Two: Politics and Theology – Late October
Part Three: Social Issues – Mid December
Part Four: The World of Easton Ellis? – End of January

Psycho will be a larger book than Tears, with each part consisting of around 40 pages which will eventually all be piled into one book. I am toying with the main title, as evidenced by the ‘???’. Possible names include: ‘Devil’s Advocate’, ‘Don’t Just Stare At It, Eat It’, ‘Is That A Rain Coat?’, ‘Killer Looks’, ‘Mask of Sanity’.

Film and Gaming Essays

This is just a one off, this ‘subject to change’ plan. Honest. Service will resume normally next week. I am planning to add some spice to the filmy essays soon however. I’ll be writing ‘Pop Psychology‘ & ‘Pop Philosophy‘ essays now and then. Applying psychological theories and frameworks (such as the works of Freud and Jung) to films and seeing how it changes the perception of them. I’ll also be applying some philosophical stuff, and I already know exactly the philosopher to apply to Blade Runner.

Gaming essays will continue as usual. Maybe three part ones to come up soon, not sure yet.


I will, hopefully, be taking part in NaNoWriMo 2012 with Train, an incredibly personal work I’ve wanted to pump out for years. Speaking of which, my NaNoWriMo 2011 bit In Memoriam will be released during this year at some point. Promise. Short story and poem collections too. Maybe.

My Life

Glad you asked! It’s all going semi-well. And by semi I mean not exactly but… beggars can’t be choosers. A lot happened in the last few weeks. I’m about to move to my final year of super education before I run off to university so it’s all scary business. Really scary. Things are about to get a lot hairy. There’s a certain employability opportunity on the table in a few months, and it might mean spacing out my gaming stuff a lot more. By ‘a lot more’ I mean maybe once a month. Maybe not even that. But I want to do well, you want me to do well right? I love you all but I want to write for a living and any opportunity, even if it means neglecting writing about video-games, is worthwhile for me right now.

I think that’s everything. Stay tuned I guess.

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