Tears In Rain, my FREE film theory dissection of Blade Runner, is now available


It’s available here to read in PDF (for now).

UPDATE: Now in Kindle and ePub editions.

30 years ago Ridley Scott changed the world. I genuinely believe Blade Runner was a watershed moment in cinema history and I have absolutely no experience in dissecting and theorizing as to why it is so monumentally powerful. All I can do is produce a 130-page fanwork, a labour of love, in an effort to express exactly why Blade Runner has twisted me into the person I am today.

I embarked on this project over two years ago. I’ve grown substantially as a writer and a journalist with this little project being a full display of my talent. I can talk about how I am horrible with my grammar, blasphemous with my spelling and poor with my sentence structure but I believe Tears to be the best work I have ever produced. It was all for Blade Runner and, more importantly, for the Blade Runner fans.

I do hope you enjoy my interpretations, my theories and dissections of context within Blade Runner. It was both a torture and a pleasure to produce and you can expect Blade Runner Week to kick off tonight with a full-on Review of the picture.



6 thoughts on “Tears In Rain, my FREE film theory dissection of Blade Runner, is now available

  1. Just came here from Aint It Cool news. Downloaded your book and am digging right in. Yet, I have to stop and let you know about a significant error in the first paragraph. The Cold War (1945 – 1991) was not over when Blade Runner (1982) was released. Makes me a little afraid to continue reading. Just a heads-up.

  2. Aside from those weaker elements that you listed, this is an astounding read for someone of your age. As a recent college graduate who has had to write essays constantly, I know how difficult it is to maintain creative momentum when writing, and your passion for the material completely makes up for any other shortcomings. Keep up the good work!

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