You’ll notice that Part One of Killer Looks, my book on American Psycho, hasn’t released today. You’ll also notice that I haven’t written anything in a while. You’ll also notice I’ve been pretty dead. You’ll also notice that I… well you won’t notice that actually.

Things are changing around Blogossus. I’ve been talking to certain people about certain opportunities and a few of them seem too juicy to pass up. I am not leaving Blogossus behind but rather Blogossus, in the next week, will ‘reboot’. Expect a new theme, a category cleanup, a revamp of the graphics along with two new weekly posts: ‘This Week In Hardisty’ and ‘The Week Ahead’. Both of those things can only mean one thing really, that I am writing for a new place very soon. Maybe places. Nothing’s concrete yet.

This also means that I’m moving away from posting stuff directly on to Blogossus itself. In fact I have a confession to make. I shall not be doing anymore ‘structured’ video-game journalism on Blogossus from today. There will be some bits, some thoughts and notes on upcoming releases or whatever issue passes into the gutters of my writing but otherwise consider that Blogossus, as a video-game blog, is now gone. This doesn’t mark the end of my video-game journalism career, I may well be writing for a site about video-games and my Up, Down, Left, Right series will still be releasing until August 2013. That’s when I expect to quit video-game journalism for good. Perhaps forever. I’m not sure if there’s anything left for me to say about interactive entertainment

Blogossus will also be returning with a rather substantial change to this place, probably the biggest effort to ‘professionalize’ this place. It’ll be fun!

I can’t apologize enough for the Killer Looks delay. I’ve been into London, spent a week in Durham, passed my Driving Theory test, spent a week at Leeds University and even managed to get soaked up in some other work. Good for being busy I guess, not good for you. Killer Looks – Part One will be releasing at some point in the next month or so, maybe even on my Birthday just to spite myself.

I’ve been a bit insecure about other parts of my writing. Perhaps for good reason. I’ve never been a killer kind of writer, not the kind that makes you rethink or reassess or even agree with the vast majority of my work. I’ve decided I’m more of a ‘Unicorn’ writer, named after Blade Runner, I’m a writer of ambiguity and my work isn’t engineered to make you rethink but to just ‘think’. What I haven’t decided is what kind of fiction writer I am and I believe that’s not entirely up to me. I’ll be releasing some works of fiction over the next few months to see what goes down. I’ve abandoned my NaNoWriMo 2011 Novel ‘In Memoriam‘, removed it entirely from the Books page, and instead focused on releasing a short novella I’ve been working on. It’s called Trimalchio and I’ve decided to borrow a distribution novel pioneered by a few internet folks and release it chapter-by-chapter over the next few weeks. There may be breaks inbetween as I release poetry compilations, short stories or whatever but expect ‘Fiction Fridays’ to become a staple of Blogossus from now.

That’s all I think. Terribly sorry again. I’ll get back to writing regularly now.

Next week: My film essay series on the Alien anthology to restart with AliensTrimalchio – Chapter One, a preview of Killer Looks. I’ll post a ‘The Week Ahead’ post on Monday.



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