Killer Looks – Part One Preview

Link to it here.

The ‘psychosis’ that will be the topic of this chapter is not exclusively about Bateman then. If anything the entire film is soaked in a lack of emotion and in fact laughs in its face. Bateman tries to feed a stray cat into an ATM machine, shoots an old lady, scoffs at the thought of raising children and talks about relationships involving ‘compassion and commitment’ … with prostitutes. If the protagonist of this film exhibits the symptoms of psychosis then what is there to care about? He is so out of touch with his human capabilities that the entire point of filmmaking, to create a connection with the audience, is rendered completely nullified. If Psycho was intended for a root social parody of cinema itself then it fails to achieve anything beyond shock and awe entertainment and in fact ruins its own artistic messages while doing so. Except, Psycho wasn’t really intended as ‘anything’, Harron herself says that Psycho is “not a ‘message’ movie–we’re not preaching–but I hope that the film does reveal something about our society” [2].

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