Aliens Season

I did plan to do an essay on Aliens tonight but then I remember that I’m an idiot. I did an essay on the original Alien a few… months ago but I really didn’t do it any justice. I have a strong love for the original Alien and I think it’s Ridley’s finest hour outside of Blade Runner. I’ve decided that before writing on Aliens I need to go back and deliver some more essay action on the original AlienPrometheus also happened and the DVD/Blu-ray is released over here in exactly a month so I’ll write something on that too.

So, Aliens season.

The original Alien will get another essay written about it for Friday (which happens to be my Birthday) on the topic of the ‘protagonist’.

EDIT: Will have to be Saturday now woop woop.

The week afterwards will be ‘Aliens‘ week, finally, where I’ll discuss the move from horror-focus to action-focus under the direction of James Cameron. I’ll also write a ‘Pop Psychology’ essay on confinement and the psychological metaphors that the film series carries throughout anyway.

Alien 3 will have an essay with a strong emphasis on the direction of David Fincher compared to Scott and Cameron’s preview vision of the xenomorph violence. There will also be a ‘Scene Incision’ in which I talk about one of the film’s scenes in massive detail, with screen caps and stuff. It won’t be Cinematography #101 but more of a deconstruction of a specific visual piece.

The critique of Alien Resurrection could probably span a whole month’s worth of essays. Not because it’s bad but because it’s so different. The first essay will focus on Joss Whedon’s screenplay and how it was adapted to the actual screen. The second essay will be a ‘Pop Philosophy’ in which I address Existentialism or something.

I have no idea what to essay about with Prometheus but I would like to say that I consider it a good film. It’s heavily flawed but it’s Ridley Scott’s best film in years, maybe even decades. I’ll talk about it.

So this is ‘Aliens Season’ to make up for my absence from ‘essaying’ as a whole and to finally fulfil that promise I established a long time ago. The essays will vary on their length but I will be watching the Alien Anthology numerous times between now and Prometheus, beginning right now when this post goes out.

Many thanks and I’ll see you soon,


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