I thought that I could handle both my new school responsibilities while also juggling Blogossus activities. I did it last year, this year should be no different right? It turns out that applying for university and going through all the hullabaloo is a lot more stressful and time consuming than I first thought. Everything seems to have destroyed my writing scheduling to the point where, gasp, I haven’t actually written anything since two days ago. I am terribly sorry for not pushing Killer Looks out there, but my schoolwork comes first I’m afraid.

I have decided that a more ‘bitesize’ approach to releasing content might be nice. That’s why I’m posting more Trimalchio every week and, once that’s done, you’ll get a chapter of Killer Looks a week too. I’ll still try and fit in some gaming and film stuff, but to be honest if I couldn’t handle the workload of the website I lined up to work for (who are pretty popular) then not much is going to get done.

I am still tweeting and stuff.

Again, apologies. Very tired now.



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