New Years: 2012 Summary and 2013 Resolutions

About a year ago I posted my New Years Resolutions on this hither blog. A lot has happened since then. Blogossus achieved over 17,000 views (pretty nice for such a small blog), there were 62 new posts on the site, one person from Cuba read the site and several things came out of this place. I released Tears In Rain, a project I’d spent two years working on, on the 30th Anniversary of Blade Runner, I started posting chapters from my novella and novel, I wrote critique corners and essays on film and games, I started expanding the site’s content and did lots of work. Lots of it.

I can honestly say that the popularity of Tears In Rain, the .PDF has been accessed about 20,000 times, is astounding. June 25th 2012 was when everything changed for me as a writer and I hope to provide you with more writing and hope to refine my style, grammar and quality over the next year.

Tonight I will be releasing Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four… partially. I have just deleted half of it, no lie, and am salvaging Section One to post up as ‘Part One’. Part Two will be releasing in February of the New Year, I think, I’ll talk about that tonight. Over four and a half years ago I began a little blog about video-games and since then a lot has changed. A lot.

I will be leaving home in September of the New Year and that is both terrifying and exciting as hell.

Let’s look at my 2012 resolutions, and see how I fared.

  • AAAA in my AS Levels.

I got AAAB. Not bad I guess. Could be a whole lot better really.

  • Get a driving license, pass with flying colours for extra cookies.

I failed my theory the first time, passed by skin of my teeth the second. Still working towards my practical so NOPE!

  • Write five book projects (Tears In RainFilm Book 2#Up Down Left Right Volume FourShort Story CollectionNanowrimo 2012)

Tears done, Killer Looks 1/7th done, Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four 1/3rd one, Short Story Collection nehh I did poetry instead, Nanowrimo I had to abandon. So, in all, looks like a failure.

  • Not die becoz 21/12/2012 LOLOLOLOLOL.

Wow was I really this terribly unfunny?

  • Get into film journalism, perhaps professionally.

That’s been set up.

  • Become a published writer.

Happened with my poetry.

  • Write and get paid for it.


  • Revive Critique Corners and make them stick around for the ENTIRE year.

Things happened.

  • Read. Every. Single. Day. Starting January 1st.


All in all, in terms of my resolutions I give myself a 7/10. In terms of, well, terms – 8/10. It was a massive year for me and I hope 2013 will be a lot brighter for both me and you.

My 2013 New Years Resolutions:

  • Start writing about film on the site that’s invited me shush shush don’t spoil!
  • Write Killer Looks, finish Up, Down, Left, Right series, release Bad Poetry and finish Train and Trimalchio 
  • Get a driver’s license.
  • Go off to university and be happy and stuff.
  • Learn self-discipline and start learning Italian.
  • Be happy.

I think that’s all of mine. I hope upon thee a happy new year full of joy, surprise and awesome.



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