Announcement: Tears In Rain 2


What have I gotten myself into?

2012 changed a lot of my life. To put it in simple terms; I’m on the map now. Tears In Rain  was the first public work that truly became public, now drifting into the tens of thousands of views. I’m really proud of what I accomplished, albeit there being many of my writingisms still prevalent in the finished work. I feel another remaster may be in order.

I’m not here to talk about Tears In Rain though, I’m here to right a wrong and trek over a travesty.

Just click this.

Basically, if you google ‘Tears in Rain book’ it’s not my Blade Runner epic that comes up; instead a sci-fi novel by Rosa Montero comes up. As someone who worked on Tears for two years and now to just see it wash away… it hurts. Honestly, it does. Now I’m back at square one, back into my never-ending obscurity.

So what do I do? Announce a title change? Change it to some bullshit like ‘The Unicorn’ and ask everyone to change their reviews and links and commentary? To change the entire history it already has?

Of course I won’t do that.

Something bit into me. Some new kind of ‘stubborn’:

Montero says she will be writing a sequel to Tears in Rain soon.

From this article.

See, I have nothing against Montero and her use of Batty’s immortal words. It’s a great title, it’s why I chose it. My vendetta is against Googling, against the fact that our works can’t sit together on the top just chilling out. See, it seems we have some common ground;

Montero, who has spent a lifetime as a journalist and author, has an insatiable energy and curiosity for life.

“Corruption is inherent to human life, but it doesn’t mean it has to be accepted by people.”

(from the same article)

She sounds a lot like me. I can see us spun from the same yarn and not in a ‘star-crossed lovers’ way. In a writers way. All novelists, all writers, seems to have a specific home and a common state of mind.

I have decided then to reclaim my Google searchings. To reclaim the throne for Tears In Rain, for Blade Runner fans everywhere and for myself. This book will be dedicated to Rosa Montero. I am indeed going to beat Montero to the punch and complete TEARS IN RAIN 2 before she finishes her piece of the puzzle.

No I am not joking, no I am not being a funnyman and yes this is how I am stubborn. If I’m stubborn, I write a book. In truth if this hadn’t happened then I doubt Tears would get a sequel. I have Killer Looks, Train, Trimalchio, Bad Poetry, Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four and Volume Five, a new writing job and exams to get through. My plate has never been more full but because I’m stubborn and because Blade Runner deserves it, TEARS IN RAIN 2: A FURTHER EXPLORATION OF RIDLEY SCOTT’S BLADE RUNNER will be releasing Summer 2013.

This book will delve more into the social, psychological and philosophical intricacies of Blade Runner and attempt to evaluate it as a collection of moments that we can perhaps all relate to; a collective cultural consciousness. I have no idea if this will be a trilogy but two books just doesn’t seem round enough.

It’ll be on the shorter side, perhaps 60/70 pages long. Nothing too special but I will beat Montero to the punch!

Killer Looks will still release in April.



(TIR2 poster designed by Laurens Steel. Not final cover art obviously.)

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