Tears In Rain Remaster & More News

TIRThe incredible John Pearson has contributed a lovely new cover to Tears In Rain and so I  have posted up remasters and stuff up in the Books section. I’ve also played around with th margins and some of the formatting to make it into a cleaner read. John produced a hardback edition of the book which went on sale at the Thought Bubble Convention 2012 here in Leeds, of which I believe there is still some copies available. They include some incredible prints and the book itself. I hope to work with John to do the same to Killer Looks and Tears In Rain 2 releasing later this year.

On the subject of which I must come back to this consistent theme, throughout this blog actually, of my issues with punctuality. If you search this blog for ‘updates’ and ‘plans’ you’ll find none of them come to fruition. From Train to Trimalchio I seem almost guaranteed to fail at delivering something on time nowadays. Here’s the plan then, and I’ll try and keep it vague.

Killer Looks will be releasing in piecemeal bites across the next few months before a full release in April.

Tears In Rain 2 will be releasing at the end of August. I go in depth to what it involves below.

Trimalchio will probably have a Chapter come out every week. These are all, in my opinion, to test the waters and get some feedback. These are not the final versions of each chapter. I expect to be done with this by the end of February and fully editing it for an April 10th release date, the 88th anniversary of Gatsby.

Train, my cancelled NaNoWriMo 2012 project (for good reasons), will finally be releasing later this year. It doesn’t feel ‘right’ to release this in bitesize pieces so I’ll be doing most of the work on it privately with a few friends/family to help the editing process. This will probably be the last thing I push out before I gallivant off to University. Expect it around September time.

Bad Poetry, my first poetry compilation, will be releasing with over sixty poems this coming March.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four will be out by the end of February.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Five (the final one) will be releasing on August 3rd, five years to the day when I began my ‘professional’ writing career.

Tears In Rain 2: A Further Exploration of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner will be releasing at the end of August and that’s weird for me. I’ve never really done a sequel to anything except the Up, Down, Left, Right series. When I was finishing the original, in fact, I had no inkling about doing a sequel. Maybe I teased myself saying that maybe just maybe I’d try it out. Around a little while ago I finally decided that, well, there’s no time like the present and just shot myself in the face with it.

The first Tears took me over two years of concept, research, writing, editing and constant re-editing before finally coming out for Blade Runner‘s 30th Birthday. The plan is for Tears 2 to take probably 1/4 of that time. That’s largely do-able given I have leftovers from the first book to put into the sequel and the book, in general, won’t be as long as the original. Maybe seventy pages at most? 45,000 words? I dunno. It’d be neat to have 100,000 words overall written on Blade Runner (the count thus far is 61,422) but quantity is irrelevant really.

Tears 2 will be focused more on social, philosophical and psychological explorations of Blade Runner. Those will serve as the main themes that I’ll be using as tools to dig through the film once more. Even after forty-three viewings I’m able to find something new so don’t worry. I’ll be considering all of the different versions a lot more explicitly too and trying to claw into some wider meaning behind the nature of film, and where Blade Runner fits into the canon of the human race’s history and maybe my own history.

I’ll be reading some new material, and going through some old books, in order to prepare as well. If anyone can point in the direction of some essays, writings or their own literature then that’d be fantastic.

As always, cheers,


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