My first free novel ‘Trimalchio’ will be releasing April 10

trimalchioNovels are a weird thing. They sort of manifest themselves out of thin air. Trimalchio mutated from an experimental novella, a six-month project, and into a full scaled novel, after working in it for over a year. I’ve posted some pieces of it before but they were never ‘finished’ bits. More ‘tasters’. Like those free samples you get handed on the supermarket but with 100% less food poisoning.

Trimalchio was largely made out of a need to try and made some concrete effort to release some beyond a short story or poem. I’ve written two novels before this. In Memoriam was my 2011 NaNoWriMo project but as soon as I took a knife of rewriting to it the whole thing dissolved. I wrote my first novel when I was 12. It was a crime-urban-dickery dick thriller called ‘Enter The Alphabet‘ and it was the worst thing ever. I’m, to put it bluntly, a lot more happier with how Trimalchio has turned out.

Trimalchio is about a young playwright who, after a slew of fiction failures, is called upon by his billionaire best friend to write an adaptation of The Great Gatsby. The youngling finds himself trying to dodge his own past while slowly sinking into the mind of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

It’s releasing on Gatsby‘s 88th birthday. There’s a lot of meta-fictional elements, references and general pretentious language but it is, if anything, an honest work of fiction. By that I don’t mean it’s a reflection of anything personal, only some of my humour can be found in the fiction, but it’s my true writing style without any teaching aid or moderation. I’ve taken advice from a few folks, who have read the first few drafts, but otherwise this is an independent work.

It will have the exact word count as The Great Gatsby, it (currently) is 13-chapters long and around 100 pages thick. I’ll probably fancy it up when I convert it to PDF/Kindle and ePub editions. All of which will be free to download from I’ll see about releasing it for some small fee on the Kindle and iBooks stores. Print editions might be a bit more tricky, we’ll see.

I’m very excited to finally push this thing out of the door it was never supposed to come out of. I always planned for Train, a superhero/existentialist thriller that I’ll return to later in the year, to be my first ‘proper’ novel release. Trimalchio will be my first ‘public’ novel and while I’m more confident in my writing ability don’t expect a work of art or anything above ‘mildly entertaining’. I would love it if you were to critique it and take it apart piece by piece. Only through criticism can I improve.

I look forward to previewing Trimalchio to you over the next few weeks.

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