Up, Down, Left, Right – Volume Four released… finally

vol 4
Well that took longer than expected. Basically a lot of stuff happened between Christmas 2012 and March 2013 to the point where I was pushed to delay and delay Volume Four time and time again. But it’s here. And stuff.

Volume Four is about communities and how gamerkind reacts to the industry. It uses Spec Ops: The Line as an instrument to deconstruct the nature of gamingdom’s language, attitudes and makes some guesses on its future. It’s largely the most ‘theory’ heavy’ Volume I’ve put together.

It’s currently only available in PDF format but I will put Kindle/ePub editions out when they’re ready.

And so I march onwards to Volume Five. A Volume completely about my own experiences with my favorite video-games. That will release on the 5 Year Anniversary of my professional writing career, August 3rd.

Let me know what you think of Volume Four. It took a whole lot of love.

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